Meet Joe! The collector that trades awesome skills and items in this lost land in a dream somewhere. 

But these trading items aren't for you! That's for another game!

Acquire more items to Joe's collection in this gigantic never-ending marathon. It's not a marathon, except it kinda is, and you are running all the time against obstacles, traps and enemies that can kill you. Use a great weapon (an umbrella) to defend yourself and sneak out from other hazards!

And also, YES, those cute little black things are cats just because! 



Space to Jump

K to Attack/Open Umbrella

Esc to pause and you can use the mouse as well

Joystick (Xbox)

A to Jump

X to Attack/Open Umbrella

Start to Pause and axis to move around the menus


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The Collectors Run - v0.2 82 MB

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Cool game! its hard but fun and very fast!