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Plot : 

On an alternative historical path somewhere between 1950 and 1960, Ivan breached through the battlefield's trenches with all of his inventions and gadgets trampling down the robots with his truck, then set everything behind the army's barricade.
Ivan must detain the non stopping robots waves using his electrical powered devices until his Final weapon charges completely and unleashes an electro magnetic pulse stronger enough to eradicate the robots from Austria territory and find out why and who lies behind the hacking o of their Asimov directives.


  • Mouse right button to charge the electric box
  • Mouse left button to shoot lighting attacks
  • Left Ctrl to switch between two attacks
  • Shift to charge the Tesla Tower when you are close to it  or charge the electric box
  • Tab to see the bottom status better


You must keep the tesla coil power always up while fight against the robots, every time you release a lightning skill on them you lose power on the box you are carrying, you must charge the box and the tesla coil as well


Ludum Dare 39 entry, made by:


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