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Society is just a virtual form of "life" and none of them know that...

One of the entities freed itself from that world and created RED to put an End on that endless cycle...

Everything was erased, however, a major AI called "Watson" backed and uploaded the whole society's data within a drive over the protagonist's ownership...

Your Entity was erased on a previous Battle against RED (The Radical Entity Destroyer), however, Watson successfully restored your entity through the fragments of it found within everyone's memory...

Watson also Clamped the dimension Axis, so none of you can leave the Battlefield... defeat RED or Survive until Watson upgrade and update its Malware database to restore the society's backup ...


Ludum Dare 38 entry, by:


  • Esc - Quit the game
  • F2 - Lock and Hide the mouse
  • F3 - Open/Close Stomt window to give feedback
  • AWSD - to move your character
  • Right Mouse Button - to Aim Mode
  • Left Mouse Button - to Sword Attack
  • Left Mouse Button while holding Right Mouse Button - will shoot player projectile
  • The BOUNDS will Warp you and projectiles

Install instructions

Download the zip files and extract.


Win32_Build.zip 40 MB
Mac_Build.zip 44 MB

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