Don't let the area get filled with boxes! Control the bots to take the boxes and place them on the tracker before the 30 seconds timer ends! Each time it ends you get points for how much boxes you filled in! 

- The game is endless due to not having time to make an ending -


Left Mouse = Select one bot

Left Mouse + Dragging = Select one or multiple bots

Right Mouse = Move the bots to the point where you clicked

Right Mouse + Shift = Can keep selecting points on the area and they will stack up and the bots will go to each one of them until it ends

When clicking on the area with the Left Button and it is not overlapping any bot, it will deselect all bots that you had selected


Choose points for the bots to walk to where they can get the boxes with them, if the bot touch them it will be placed on top of the bot, and take it with them to the green rectangles that are drawn on the floor. The more boxes you get there the more points you gain after the 30 seconds timer ends! Don't let the area get filled with boxes or the bots will run out of space to walk and take them there!


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