"Where the classic pong/breakout classic gets twisted by a roguelike action"

An ancient monk is ressurrected, his memories almost wiped out, left only with  the knowledge of the most powerful defensive wushu techniques and an obsession by retrieving a software writen in perfurated cards and hidden within a  deadly tomb.


  • WASD : Movement
  • Arrows / Mouse : Rotation;
  • LMB : Bounce  chainsaw towards mouse pointer;


  • Elvis Leite;
    • Design (Mechanics);
    • Programming (Foundations &  Integrations);
    • UI;
  • Ivan Garcia Filho;
    • Design  (Dynamics & Aesthetics);
    • Visual effects composition;
    • UX;
  • Tajima
    • Character design;
    • Pixel  and  creation;
    • Pixel art animation;
  • Murilo Romera
    • Multi layered music composition;
    • Sound effects;

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