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Fish Flock is an easy-to-use asset that manage a shoal of fish. The fishes move in flock and keep themselves as a group and also avoiding to collide with each other as they swim.


  • The asset supports Unity's built-in rendererURP and HDRP!
  •  For MacOS users, the asset will need to use the Metal renderer to use Compute Shaders otherwise you can't use the GPU computation mode. 


  • Follow random generated points or a specific target.
  • Instancing or prefab instantiation for the fishes.
  • Process the fishes through a Compute Shader (GPU) or in the CPU.
  • Collision Avoidance against unity built-in colliders.
  •  Acceleration, speed, force, turn speed, transform scale and neighbour distance customization through inspector.
  • Includes one simple shader that simulates the swimming movement of a fish. 
  • Multiple flocking groups on a scene.


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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